About Us

Welcome to Love In A Cup, where you are sure to feel the love in every sip of tea and or blend that you experience from us. My name is Tiffany and I am the owner and creator. This heart and love for teas and for people to experience teas in a fresh and new way was created by my love for tea and medical diagnoses with my thyroid. The first diagnosis I had received, the Endocrinologist said I was hyperthyroid, which means your thyroid is over active and produces too much of a hormone called "thyroxine". I was confused, because I wasn't skinny, I wasn't losing any weight, as a matter of fact I was gaining it.

Long story longer....hahaha just joking! I was experiencing some soreness in my throat that I had examined. The results showed that I had a growth and several goiters on the right hand side of my thyroid. Thankfully they were benign. However, I had to have surgery done to remove the growths and goiters. After the surgery, I became hypothyroid. This caused me to consider other ways...specifically natural ways to treat and assist my thyroid.

This is when my love affair for herbal teas, teas and herbs really grew and developed....I began to drink and create herbal blends for myself. Now some of you don't have the time or patience to do the blending or take the time to find a blend to really enjoy for just the taste and for your health. So I would love to help you! (smile) Actually, that's what I've done! I've done the work so you don't have to. Here at Love In A Cup, there's a variety of teas, custom and herbal blends that you can choose from. Whether it be because you are looking for a specific blend to assist with an ailment or just a blend to enjoy for the simple fact that you are one who really enjoys a cup of tea. Well look no further because I've got the perfect cup of love for you!

Happy sipping & Sending Love wherever it's needed!

-Tiffany Nakatani